guest1 [ gest ] noun count ***
1. ) someone you have invited to your home, for a party or a meal, or to stay the night:
We've got guests staying this weekend.
tips for getting rid of unwanted guests
welcome/greet/receive a guest: The President and his wife were in the hallway, greeting their dinner guests.
2. ) someone who is paying to stay at a hotel or eat in a restaurant:
There is live music to entertain guests.
the arriving/departing guests
hotel guest: The indoor heated pool is free to hotel guests.
3. ) someone who appears on a television or radio show that they do not regularly appear on:
My first guest tonight is famous for both her singing and acting talent.
our panel of celebrity guests
guest appearance: The band agreed to make a guest appearance on his show.
4. ) someone who has been invited to a party, meeting, or other event by the people organizing it:
She was eager to mingle with the other party guests.
guest at: He was a guest at our wedding.
guest of: They were at the Festival as the guests of a Greek businessman.
invited guests: The ceremony will take place before 10,000 invited VIP guests.
honored/distinguished guests: Welcome, Mr. President, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.
a ) someone you invite to a restaurant, the movies, etc., and whose meal or ticket you pay for:
You're here as my guest.
b ) someone you take with you to a club where you are a member:
Please remember to sign in all guests.
be my guest SPOKEN
1. ) used for saying that someone can do something that you are having difficulty with or do not want to do yourself:
Can I try opening it? Be my guest.
2. ) yes: used as a polite reply to a request:
Do you mind if I sit down? Be my guest.
guest 2 [ gest ] adjective
1. ) provided for guests to use:
a set of guest towels
a TV in the guest lounge
2. ) appearing by invitation to perform at an event:
a regular guest conductor with orchestras all over the world
guest speaker/lecturer: Tonight's guest speaker is Peter Bell.
guest star: The show frequently features well-known guest stars.
3. ) relating to guests:
guest list: Is she on the guest list for our wedding?
guest 3 [ gest ] verb intransitive
if a famous person guests on a television or radio show, they appear in it on a particular occasion because they have been invited to
a. if a famous person guests at a sports event or guests for a team, they play at the event or for the team

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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